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List of Roads in Festus Special Road District

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List of Roads in Festus Special Road District

* Roads with dollar sign icons are roads that are available for Federal Funding

Andrew Street Off Peaceful Valley Rd in Pevely 564 ft 13 ft
Bailey School Road Off West Main 1,279 ft 20 ft
Booth Road Off Old Buck Creek and Pounds Road 770 ft 16 ft
Bruhn Road Metropolitan to Trautman Quarry in Pevely 1,455 ft 15 ft
Buck Creek (Huie) Pounds Rd to Harrison Lk 6,022 ft 24 ft
Buck Creek (New Bridge) 61-67 to Meyer 5,646 ft 24 ft
Buck Creek (West) Buck Creek (new bridge) to Stonegate subdivision. 4,590 ft 30 ft
Carron Road Off Meyer 2,485 ft 24 ft
Cedar Trail Off Johnston Rd 2,965 ft 17 ft
Charles Avenue Off Peaceful Valley Rd in Pevely 347 ft 11 ft
Cherry Lane Z Hwy to School Dr 3,100 ft 22 ft
Church Drive Front St to School Dr 1,556 ft 20 ft
Church Place School/Church Dr to Particial Ln 1,296 ft 20 ft
Council Place Off Lookout Trail 480 ft 17 ft
Donover Court Off Donover 590 ft 20 ft
Donover Drive Off 61-67 1,211 ft 20 ft
Elm Loop Off Front St 1,790 ft 20 ft
Festus Horine From Front St to Festus City Limit 10,309 ft 22 ft
Fox Farm Road Off 61 Hwy and Int. 55 overpass 811 ft 21 ft
Front Street Off Z Hwy to Lakeview 7,065 ft 22 ft
Girl Scout Road Off Sandy Creek 1,500 ft 17 ft
Grace Place Off Massot 665 ft 17 ft
Hanover Road Massot to Juliet Place 446 ft 17 ft
Harrison Lake Road From West Main across A Hwy 8,205 ft 20 ft
Herky Horine From Festus Horine to Pevely city limit 7,223 ft 24 ft
Johnston Road Lookout trail off Kerkhoff 3,385 ft 22 ft
Kingston Off CC Hwy 861 ft 21 ft
Lakeview At the end of Front St to dead end 955 ft 16 ft
Lone Oak From Front St to School Dr 780 ft 22 ft
Lookout Trail Off Ceder Trail 1,585 ft 18 ft
Market From Cherry Ln/School Dr to Front St 1,075 ft 22 ft
Massot Road Off Meyer 5,172 ft 24 ft
McNutt School Road Off Festus Horine to Herculaneum city limits 3,201 ft 23 ft
Meadowview Off Front St 755 ft 16 ft
Meyer Road Off 61-67 to Jefferson County line 8,613 ft 21 ft
Oak Forest Off Cherry Ln 481 ft 19 ft
Old 21 A Hwy Off P Hwy to dead end 4,180 ft 19 ft
Old A Hwy Festus city limit to A Hwy 10,866 ft 22 ft
Old Harrison Lake Off Harrison Lake by Berean church 420 ft 17 ft
Patricia From Church Pl back to Church Pl 1,900 ft 20 ft
Peaceful Valley Road From Trautman Quarry to dead end 793 ft 16 ft
Plattin Road Off 61 Hwy to Jefferson County line 5,918 ft 22 ft
Pleasant Heights Off CC Hwy 2,243 ft 18 ft
Ponderosa Off Front St 1,395 ft 22 ft
Ridge Road Off School Dr 775 ft 17 ft
Sandy Creek Road Off Z Hwy to Johnston Rd 14,317 ft 24 ft
Scenic Crive Herculaneum city limit to Festus city limit 3,585 ft 20 ft
School Drive From Cherry Ln to Chruch Dr 1,898 ft 20 ft
Second Avenue Off Front St 890 ft 24 ft
South Buck Creek From CC Hwy to 67 3,890 ft 20 ft
Tomahawk Trail Off Sandy Creek Rd 260 ft 16 ft
Trautman Quarry Road Off Z Hwy in Pevely 670 ft 20 ft
Valley Off School Rd 470 ft 24 ft
Valley Vue Off Massot 1,034 ft 17 ft
VFW Drive From Plattin bridge to dead end 6,028 ft 23 ft
West Main Festus city imit to Harrison Lake Rd 5,810 ft 22 ft
Woodland Road Off old A Hwy to Jefferson County line 8,300 ft 24 ft

On The Map

The district covers 7 square miles in the south eastern part of unincorporated and incorporated Jefferson County with approximately 35 unincorporated road miles.

Cities included in this area are:

  • Crystal City
  • Festus
  • Herculaneum
  • Pevely
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