Festus Special Road District
​Phone: ​(636) 937-3577 ​​
1003 Airport Road
Festus, MO 63028
Fax: (636) 937-6397
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do the residence of Festus Special Road District (FSRD) pay a special tax for its services?
    No, it’s simply a county road tax.
  2. Why is the tax rate lower inside FSRD than the rest of the county?
    The FSRD sets its own tax levy, which is currently 14% less than Jefferson County Public Works rate.
  3. Does FSRD maintain/clean out private drive culverts?
    No, this is the responsibility of the property owner. FSRD only maintains culverts that run under a maintained roadway.
  4. What is required when putting in a new access onto a FSRD maintained road?
    The property owner must fill out a driveway permit and submit it to the Superintendent of FSRD for approval. There is no cost but the permit has a 60 day expiration date. Note: If the new or existing access will be used for commercial or subdivision use, a sealed engineered drawing must be submitted with the driveway permit.
  5. Who governs the FSRD?
    FSRD is governed by 3 elected officials from the district, each with a 3 year term.
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